Coconut Glen's


    A new non diary ice cream shop opening in Omotesando, Tokyo in June 2019 by Glen Simkins who goes by the brand called Coconut Glen.  Glen was working at Michelin star restaurants when he was a chef and one day he has decided to pursue on to another life to the farthest location from where he originated Boston. He decided to start a new life in Maui Hawaii ran out of savings and started to sell coconuts.  With his expertise and experience working under Michelin star restaurants, he realizes to explore coconuts eventually concluding a new ice cream that is coconut base with absolute no diary product in the ingredient.  He opens a shop in the middle of the jungle at Hana Maui and begins serving to the people who found him through reputation and word of mouth.  Glen is no stranger now as the founder of the guilt free vegan ice cream.  His ice cream has been closed up amongst some of the famous media.  Now the journey begins outside of Maui, starting in Omotesando Tokyo Japan.

    We partnered with Glen from the beginning to help turn his vision into a reality, naming the business and creating the Glen’s world. We designed a brand full of his character, built an immersive brand system that you can experience Glen’s story every encounter with the brand.