The Uncanny Atlas Key Image 2

    A design-based Key image for a narrative and conceptual dystopian world.
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  • Merchandise Design Mock Up
  • Process:
    There are three main groups at play within the narrative story.
    As the first Key Image was a vector-based piece focusing more on the AI (represented by the smiling face)'s relationship with the invading threat, this time I wanted to focus more on the AI's relationship with humans.

    I started with a simple sketch of the emblematic "smiling" icon overlaid on a skull along with some basic graphic elements. I thought the twisted and cynical concept of drawing a smiley face on a skull was interesting.
    I then compiled the composition in Photoshop, and began playing around with elements.
  • Chrome type process:
  • Main Chrome design elements:
  • Key Image Composition process:
  • Illustration process:
  • This is a photo I took during my trip to South Korea. In the background is the Lotte Tower, the tallest building in South Korea. 
    I felt the photo was fitting for this piece because a. of the very industrial and urban scenery, b. to Korea, the Lotte Tower represents a quickly escalating progression into the future.