• Silverleaf is a fictional restaurant located in Soho, New York. The restaurant is focused on selling local, healthy foods in both a cafe and take-out style. The name Silverleaf is derived from the combination of silver (associated with being modern, natural, and luxurious) and leaf (associated with being fresh and healthy). Together, the name implies a sort of modern freshness that feels appropriate for a locally-based healthy restaurant. 
    In order to keep the consumers' focus on the food, I designed my to-go packaging to consist of clear, recycled containers topped with simple labels. The menu is constructed so that it can be changed out seasonally, while still maintaining the solidity of a traditional menu format.
    In addition to functioning as a restaurant and take-out, Silverleaf ultimately aims to raise the level of knowledge regarding fresh produce, and healthful eating. As an initial approach to this goal, I have provided a mock-up of a shopping tote as well as an informative poster listing the dates various fruits and vegetables are in season.