Cartoon Network Portfolio

  • THRASHER (2019) Animation Collaboration
    Personal Credits: Opening Segment Animation, Effect Animation, Background Art, Voice of SKATER #1
  • THRASHER (2019) Background Art
  • I have several stories in the works, and with one published novel (also Present in this portfolio), I know what it takes to create and put that creation out. The following are Character designs for a specific story focused on Martial Arts titled "KIAI!!". It's my personal belief that current cartoons and stories are limiting themselves in overall design and aiming for too specific of a demographic, when well written, plot-focused action cartoons like Ben 10: Omniverse or Jackie Chan Adventures could be successful airing along side shows like Craig of the Creek and Summer Camp Island. Success of very recent cartoons like Voltron: Legendary Defender and the narrative focused era of Adventure Time prove that the audience is still there and waiting. With Voltron, Dreamworks also showed us we don't need to shy away from the Anime style, so far as there is thought and effort put into design. Please enjoy the sheets and bio's of the following Characters.
  • Sarah Sinclair
    The newest member to the cast of "Kiai!!", yet eldest in age. A character who brings power and independence to the structure of character interactions in this story.
  • Khiari Nguvu
    With Khiari, the cast begins to show a point of diversity, a major point in the story being the culture clash between characters.
  • Kemuri Annen
    The Main lead, designed to initially embody the idea of an excited anime protagonist, and set to become much more through the development of the plot. Acts as a my own commentary on the "Shonen" type story and is used to break that mold.
  • Ganghan Lee
    The older brother type of best friend to Kemuri, yet is the most pivotal character in the story.
  • Character Profiles, Color and Brush Study (2018)
    Characters: Sarah Sinclair, Kemuri Annen
  • Four-for-Four (2019)
  • Omniverse (2019)
  • Beyblade Battlefront [Mock Poster] (2019)
    The Illustration is original art. To complete the visual of the mock poster I used the Cartoon Network and Beyblade Burst Logos (for those elements credit to their respective owners)
  • Avacado Summer (2019)
  • CALAMITY (2019)
  • Phoenix: Genesis [Cover] (2016)
    Self Published Novel and E-Book