Untitled (Transition)

  • Untitled (Transition)
    Four layer letterpress print (featuring wood type, lead type, & photopolymer printing!) // 2013
    11 x 15" // Varied Edition of 40. (Printed on a Vandercook Number 4 Press)
    This poster was a final piece as part of Mary Mashburn's Spring 2013 Dolphin Press Letterpress class. Following the final theme of "transitions," this poster is a transition of layer to layer, text to image, and making work alone to collaborating. 
    One of the best parts of this class was receiving copies of everyone's projects throughout the semester.  I've created an asymmetrical collage of elements from a project that each student in my letterpress class has made throughout this semester, getting all of these amazing artworks as gifts inspired me to package these gifts into one poster to give back to my class.
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