We Ҫan Do it! (2075)

  • We Ҫan Do It! (2075)

    A fictional, moving propaganda poster promoting the embrace and integration of mechanized and artificial personnel during times of crisis and instability.
    Please watch with sound.

    This project is a part of a much larger project, which can be found here:
  • Process: 
    This piece directly references the iconic propaganda poster but substitutes the original context and content with a new and fictional one. This presentation of fictional content interlaces its new meaning and context into the original, thus establishing large amounts of expository information about the subject without much explanation. 
  • The poster was vectorized in Illustrator, then animated in After Effects.
  • For the small sound element (the 'Ding'), I recorded a wineglass being hit with a metal straw, and edited the sample. Below is the raw sample.
  • Vector assets separated and used in Animation: