5 Most Iconic Looks from Riot Fest 2019

  • 5 Most Iconic Stage Outfits from Riot Fest 2019
  • Kelli Mayo of Skating Polly- Yellow sequin hot pants, pink lace kimono duster.
    First and foremost: Kelli Mayo gets the award for best Bangs at Riot Fest. Also, her super-casual yet flashy onstage outfit from Skating Polly’s set definitely earns a place in my heart for my favorite Riot grrrl looks from Riot (Grrrl) Fest this year. Hot pants are always a good move, but sparkly hot pants? Huge game changer. Kelli rocked a sweet and elegant lace kimono-style sheer robe with yellow sequin hot pants and a white racerback ribbed tank underneath. If you were to put a Forever 21, Francesca's, and a Victoria’s Secret in a blender, you’d probably come up with a look like this.
  • Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill- A holographic trash-bag single-strap dress!
    Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill rocked a single-strap futuristic frock during Bikini Kill’s set on the final day of Riot Fest. The iridescent aluminum foil-like material reflected against the dark sky, giving total Xenon Girl of the 21st Century vibes. This outfit would definitely get a seal of approval from extraterrestrial riot grrrls all across the galaxy!

  • Frank Iero & The Future Violents - Matching navy blue jumpsuits! Vans slip-ons.
    I love a matchy-matchy musical outfit. Some of the greatest musical groups of all  time were fashionably coordinated: The Cheetah Girls,(Duh!) Devo, The Supremes, The Aquabats- all the classics. Not only does outfit coordination eliminate the confusion of recognizing who’s actually in the band,(and who’s not  just a random guy in a Dead Milkmen tee scurrying onstage for a second to adjust a mic), but it also looks generally cute and badass. Frank Iero and friends were all donning bluish-grey button up jumpsuits. Very gas station attendant-chic.

  • Luke Spiller of The Struts - Red patterned linen shirt, denim jeans with red patterned sequin stripes and fringe. Leather Adidas sneakers.
    Luke Spiller of The Struts has been  known for his eclectic sense of style: no fabric too sparkly,  no trouser too tight for this fashionable singer. The English glam-rockers launched their long-awaited clothing brand, Beautifully Strange, at the beginning of this year, therefore, it’s no surprise that frontman Luke Spiller came on the Riot Fest scene with yet another eye-catching ensemble. The iconic outfit consisted of a crimson patterned linen shirt with bell-sleeves,  a dark-wash denim pant with matching sparkled crimson detail on the legs with a fringe lining from the knee down. Luke Spiller was definitely channeling Steven Tyler on the bottom, and Stevie Nicks on the top. 

  • Parker Cannon of The Story So Far - Black golf shirt, black tapered cargo pants, black Vans Classics, Ray-Ban sunglasses.
    Parker Cannon of The Story So Far was definitely dressed for a pop-punk funeral. His iconic sad-boy look consisted of a black collared golf shirt, tapered cargo pants, Vans Old School’s , and dark Ray Ban sunglasses. This monochromatic look was super appropriate, considering his humble, shy, and possibly just hungover demeanor onstage.