Asia Team Art Magazine

  • ASIA TEAM Art Magazine is an online and print-based publication showcasing a unique selection of international Asian Arts. It was founded by Anita Yan Wong and Ivan Pesic in 2019.
    Twenty-nine artists from America, France, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Mainland China are currently members of the Asia Team.  
    Every artist in this selection has achieved mastery in her/his own unique way. Their work speaks of the focus and dedication they put in every brush or pen stroke applied to their respective medium. Everyone of them performs wonders of creativity and imagination.
    The October/November issue features seventeen artists, and eighty-five artworks.
  • Featured Artists
  • Ahra Kwon, Akiko Homma, Akira Yonekawa, Anita Yan Wong, Antonius Tin Bui, Hope Doe
    Ivan Pesic, Kasi Minami, Kayan Kwok, Kenji Inoue, Pham Quang Phuc, Qu Lan,
    Uncle Ray, Xiaofei Yue, Yasushi Muraki, Yidan Guo, Ying Wei

    Publisher: Anita Yan Wong
    Cover Art by Kenji Inoue
    Cover Design and Layouts by Ivan Pesic
    Back Cover Art by Yidan Guo