Doublers | Candies Packaging

  • Doublers | Fruit & Chocolate Candies Packaging
    Entered for Paperboard Packaging Alliance student design challenge 2013
    Collaboration among Mike Chiarella, Chris Heinlen, and Jessica Y. Wen
    The packaging for Doublers Fruit and Chocolate Candy provides a significantly improved movie-theater experience in a subtle yet effective manner.  The solution is simple, practical, and unobtrusive.
    “Doublers”, simultaneously easy to understand and fun to say, promotes a sense of “double the flavor, double the fun”. This name, combined with the red and cyan, suggests a pairing of tastes, not simply one. The diamond shape that is displayed on the sides and back of the package as well as repeated on the inside is a graphical representation of the opened box, creating visual continuity between structure and branding.
  • Our proposed design evolved out of a series of prototypes all aimed at fulfilling a specific task: making the user's experience easier. We found that traditional candy packages make it difficult to access the product with one hand, and most do not reseal. After testing many packaging solutions including a cup holder-mounted box, a cylindrical design with a spiraling tear-away, a roll-down bag option, and a paneled foil-based prototype, we came upon our current iteration. It succeeds in providing the user with a hassle-free experience, without overly complicated structure or material. Still, it has a unique opening system, and meets the designated dimensions. The dieline also tessellates very efficiently, wasting hardly any paperboard during production.
  • The cleanliness of the design and the simplicity of the white box attract a more mature audience, who may not want to associate with the childishness of more colorful, cartoon-y boxes. There is also a feeling of nostalgia due to the red-cyan line work that references, and to some extent recreates, the anaglyph stereograph 3D style of movies and comic books. The actual optical effect, however, more easily attracts the younger crowd, as does the package's unique structure – a new form with which to play. Finally, the pleasant surprise of the patterned interior, a stark contrast from the pared-down exterior, dazzles the customer while he enjoys his delicious snack.
    Package Dieline