MICA ~foundation year

  • Specimen 
    4' x 2'
    mixed media on duralar 
  • A Biomorphic Texture Study 
    5' x 2'
    graphite on duralar
  • The Menagerie 
    An Interactive Audio Visual Sculpture 
    inspired by Henri Rousseau's "The Equatorial Jungle" 
    mixed media 
  • Contents of the Clear Cocoon 
    A Site Specific Sculpture 
    2' x 1'
    resin and paper 
  • The Birth Stone 
    4'x 3' x 2'
    An interactive light sculpture 
    wooden constuction with a crushed plastic skin
  • Untitiled
    drawing 5' x 4'
    charcoal on paper 
  • Sanity vs Insanity 
    30" x 40"
    mixed media
  • Amma 
    acrylic on found wood 
  • Self Portrait 
    oil on canvas 
  • Kali Ma
    A layered depiction of the multifaceted godess 
    laser cut illustration board