MICA Competitive Scholarships 2020

  • MICA Competitive Scholarships 2020
    All work was created either during my Spring 2019 semester of Freshman year or during my Fall 2019 semester of Sophomore year. I continued to explore different mediums and approaches of art making, as well as taking advantage of the resources available on campus (ex: laser cutter, Biofabrication, etc.)

    Although I use an arrange of mediums, all my work tend to share a similar theme surrounding the idea of protecting the environment or making others aware of environmental issues.  ​​​​​​​

  • Leafing Damage, gauche on gessoed leaves, 18" x 20"     Fall 2019

  • E. Cowli, gif of fluorescent E. coli colonies 3D printed on agar plates    Fall 2019

  • There's Mushroom for Combat, mycelium, sawdust, liquid medium, string, about 3" tall     Fall 2019

    The mycelium components (root structure of mushrooms) were grown in the Biofabrication lab with many tests, failures, and experimentation. It totaled 34 days to get to the final product (which still requires more experimentation on perfecting the material).

  • Who's on Top?, laser cut wood, plants, twine, and paper    Spring 2019

  • Pretty Deadly, watercolor, pen, and wood, 10" x 7.5"    Spring 2019

  • Forest Floors, printed digital collage embroidered on found fabric, 36" x 36"    Spring 2019

  • Weekly Reminder, laser cut wood and edible "water bottles", 7" x 11" x 4"     Fall 2019

  • Kill Coffins, Go Green, Adobe Illustrator print, 25" x 22.5"    Fall 2019

  • Earth Day, dirt, paper, photography, Photoshop, 24" x 18"    Fall 2019

  • Croton Study, mixed media, 8" x 8" each    Spring 2019