Competitive Scholarship 2020

  • Flash and Stone
    Mixed media painting, 2019
    My painting explores the differences and similarities between the human body and sculpture. I put living figures and statutes in one frame and dimension. The aim is to raise the question of who is colder - a human or a stone- by posing people as still and as calm as statues. The inspiration for this painting comes from the observations of behaviour in modern society. 
  • City Cafe
    Mixed media painting, 2019
    This painting captures two people in love. Through the spring colors, expressive brushstrokes and transparency this work reflects the freshness and instantness of feelings.  
  • In-between
    Mixed media painting, 2019
    Painting series ‘In-Between’ takes critical view of social and cultural issues of the conservative native society where I grew up. Certain restrictions and unfair beliefs were imposed regarding intercultural relationships and one’s choice of partner. My paintings aim to break down walls of mistrust and restrictions by portraying the beauty of pure love. It encourages to reconsider wrong beliefs about intercultural relationships and gain an appreciation and understanding of the beauty of a diverse world.
  • Starlight night
    Digital media, 2019
    Light your way into the future.
  • Fox's dream
    Digital media, 2019
    Who can tell what foxes dream about?
  • The Curse
    Pencils and digital media, 2019
    Album cover to the song 'The Curse' by Josh Ritter.
  • Series of covers for Dostoevsky's books
    Digital media, 2019
    Crime and Punishment (on the left) and Netochka Nezvanova (On the right).
  • Punch Drunk Love
    Digital media, 2019
    Cover for the DVD 'Punch Drunk Love'.
  • Halloween card
    Digital media, 2019
  • Lady with the tea
    Gouache and digital media, 2019