Loop–Book Cover Design

  • LoopBook Cover Design
  • In a branding class at Maryland Institute College of Art(MICA), I designed a brand identity for a made-up publisher to represent a distinctive, recognizable “house style” for its book covers. The cover guidelines were constrained to be typographic and purely graphic.

    As for the publisher's identity, I named the brand “Loop.” I imagined the publisher is involved with three primary aspects: writer, book, and reader. In this relationship, a book becomes a medium for exchanging inspiration or information. The publisher’s role is to develop a creative connection between them, so that determined how I would represent this dynamic conceptually.

    In targeting the 20s to 30s customers, I designed the book covers to look modern and be distinctive, showing the contrast between the colorful background and typography. For the nonfiction cover, I used linear lines to look more formative. With the fiction cover, I chose the round shape to look softer and make a greater contrast between the title and author in typography.

    DATE Sep. 2019
    CATEGORY Book Cover Design
    ADVISOR Abbott Miller, Andrew Walters