2019 Competitive Scholarship Portfolio

  • 2019 Competitive Scholarship Portfolio
    Aoran Ma, Junior, Graphic Design Department
  • 2019 has been an important year for me. I learned multiple media to express my feelings and thoughts of design. The experiences of this year reminded me that design is a way to solve the problems in life, what graphic design attracted to me is not only the beautiful visual elements but also the theme behind every piece of work. 

    This collection shows some projects I produced in 2019, they have different forms and themes, but they all express some thoughts of the graphic design of mine and they are definitely much deeper than before.
  • An Interview with Jiale Ling
    Book Design, laser printing, 5.5" by 8.5", 10 / 2019
  • Hey Siri / Iphone X: Drowning in a Colorful world.
    Duo Poster Design, inkjet printing, 24" by 36", 04 / 2019
  • 10 facts of Iphone X
    Individual Card Design, inkjet printing, 3" by 5", 04 / 2019
  • Pitchfork Music Festival 2019 Poster
    Poster Design & Gif, inkjet printing, 24" by 36", 09 / 2019
  • Package of Chinese Brushes Holder
    Package Design, wood & inkjet printing, 5.5" by 4.5" by 3", 04 / 2019
  • Package of Cup Ramen (杯面)
    Package Design, inkjet printing, multiple sizes, 05 / 2019
  • The Number Game (数字人生) Album Cover
    Package Design, inkjet printing, 12" by 12" by 0.25", 02 / 2019
  • In addition to the projects above, I also have a poetry collection as an HMST additional submission because I took an intermediate poetry workshop in fall 2019, the link https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bNE4_78Wk4FM3UieVyJex52rKja6DFk7?usp=sharing directs to the pdf of the final complete collection.