Distressed Delicacy

  • While celebrating the beauty and delicacy of corals that exist underwater, the installation aims to observe and revere their beautiful form and textures while also subtly hinting at their vulnerable state. The intricate type, acting as an extension of the corals themselves, reveals statistics, facts and names of the endangered species.

    The medium of laser cut white colored paper reminded me of the corals’ delicacy and fragility. Distressed corals lose colour and exhibit their white/pale brown skeleton underneath. With the additional layer of the projection, breathing life onto the form, the installation aims to address the juxtaposition of life and death, stress and calm.

    Size - 50" x 25" 
    12+ designs
    24+ sizes
    5 Canson sheets
    8 elevations
    20+ hours of laser cutting
    15+ hours of assembly
    200+ coral pieces
    300+ dowel pieces

    Project done under the guidance of Jennifer Cole Phillips and Elaine Lopez as part of Graduate Studio I at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore.