Stargazer Music Video: The Making Of

  • "Stargazer" is the first single from the Brooklyn-based, alternative rock band Minaxi's debut studio album "Khwab" releasing on Friday, March 13, 2020. The single was released Friday, January 13, 2020. The music video was inspired by Aubrey Beardsley's graphic illustration style and features silhouettes of band members Shrenik Ganatra and Liam Christian, accompanied by psychedelic, galactic visuals in the background.  

  • The psychedelic visuals in the background were shot on a Canon EOS 60D. The native footage is that of the interaction between black and white paint, using a combination of milk, water and hand soap as a catalyst. The reaction was captured in the course of a few hours. The resulting footage resembled abstract, galactic forms. The output was then colour-corrected and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro to match the tempo of the song. Below are some screenshots.     
  • Listen to the single via the embedded players below. You can also listen to Minaxi's music on Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube, Apple Music and several other streaming platforms. Make sure to follow them if you like the music. 
  • Concept, Design, Art Direction, Filming and Post Production: Shrenik Ganatra
    Music: Minaxi
    Cover Art Photography: Mark Laubenheimer
    Featured in the Cover Art: Becca Tauscher and Laura Taylor

    Special thanks to Ninad Kale for helping me film the paint/psychedelic visuals

    Thank you!