MICA Competitive Scholarship Spring 2020

  • Olivia Murphy
    Graphic Design 2021
    Competitive Scholarship Spring

  • Juxtapose Conference

    Juxtapose is a collage and typography conference aimed at integrating the unexpected and eye catching visuals of collage with typography to encourage experimentation in design. Collage has a rich history of creating meaning through surprising combinations of images, and the study of those juxtapositions can inspire and inform new and innovative type compositions.

    Deliverables: 24in x 36in poster, name badge, wearable item (t-shirt), motion graphic, and style guide.

  • Ray Gun Magazine Cover

    An expressive typographic magazine cover design. The inspiration for the design is drawn from Holiday by Green Day. I chose to use this song as inspiration for the design because Ray Gun Magazine is know for a very edgy and angsty design style, similar to the style of the song. Through various iterations I was able to explore meaning, composition, and expression through typography. 
  • Creating Space
    ​​​​​​​This collage series features photos I took of abandoned and uninviting spaces in Baltimore, MD, that I then collaged on top of to create a comfortable and inviting space. Using images from home magazines, I explored how to reclaim these spaces by incorporating familiar objects found in the home, and how these objects transform a space. After creating two-dimensional pieces, I decided to use stop motion animation to showcase the transformation of the space. I created two 5-10 second looping gifs to embody the physical transformation of the space using real objects in an environments. These gifs allow the viewer to see the before and after state of the space, and view the evolution of the scene as each object comes into the frame.