MICA Competitive Scholarship 2020

  • "Leoncito mío" (Little Lion of mine) 
    Translation: Little Lion of mine, how time flies; how the Sun races through the sky. How the Serpent encircles me, its hiss the ominous thunder of the coming storm. 
    Oh Little Lion of mine! How time flies; how nothing gets better, only gets worse. The sky cries tears of red, and the Sun laments the adolescent blood spilt by the Loudmouth.  
  • "Shoes"
    Sharpie Markers 
    A set 4"x4" Illustrations, each a play on the idea of shoes.
  • "Portraits"
    Left to Right: 9"x12", 12"x18"
    Collage, Marker, Color pencil 
    A set of portraits I made using collage
  • "Experiment with Collage"
    Collage, Acrylic paint, Color pencil
    A small piece I made experimenting with collage
  • "The Hobbit" 
    Pen, Digital color 
    Illustrations for Tolkien's "The Hobbit" 
  • "Visual Journalism"
    Clockwise: 9"x12", 18"x24", 9"x12", 5"x7",18"x24", 9"x18"
    Watercolor, Color pencil, Ink, Pen
    A collection of drawings I did across Baltimore for my Visual Journalism class  
  • "Album Cover"
    Collage, Marker, Color pencil
    An album cover for The Mountain Goats "The Sunset Tree"