Live Here For A Moment

  • Live Here For A Moment
  • Maryland Institute College of Art Commencement Exhibition
  • This installation was a collaboration with Madison McIntyre. The room showcased our personal bodies of work and was set up to encourage and display viewer responses.
  • Cataloging Care
  • Moments of the installation where pieces of my personal body of work, "Cataloging Care" are displayed.
  • This body of work explores narratives and forms in which care can be cataloged in my recent world. To-do lists, call-logs, mail, and other daily encounters accumulate over time. While these serve as evidence of life happening, a closer look reveals an exchanging of thoughtfulness as well. By focusing on this evidence, I surprise even myself with how much I have to be grateful for. A room can be wallpapered floor to ceiling based on the attention one individual has paid to another. Correspondences can be compiled and bound into volumes that continue to grow, each edition arguing a person’s purpose in an often aimless world.These simple exchanges prompt viewers to recognize familiar acts of care in their lives and be moved to provide that for someone else.