MICA Competitive Scholarship 2020

  • MICA Competitive Scholarship 2020
  • Kahlia and Herbet's Adventures
    Character Design and Visual Development
    Story Pitch 2019-2020
    Kahlia moves to the big city and chase her dreams of being producer for TV. Herbet is just your run of the mill pet tortoise, who believes that he's a good dog. Together, they face the challenges that the big city brings to them.
  • Incarnate
    Character Design and Visual Development
    Story Pitch 2019
    Nyima, a young girl raised by her single mother, Nyima, discovers that she is a reincarnation of a great warrior from legends past. Stak is a Godlike beast on the search for vengeance. What was once enmity becomes a story about forgiveness and family. 

  • Fishn' Shack
    Character Design, Visual Development, and Set Design
    Prop Design 2019​​​​
  • Home
    Digital Painting
    Life Drawing 2019-2020

  • 2D Animation Reel
    Digital Animation 2020
    (Copyright Free Audio: Childhood by Scandinavianz)
  • Red
    Digital Animation
    (Digital Tools Final Animation 2019)