Hannah Moog Competitive Scholarship Portfolio 2019-2020

  • Sous un Arbre, digitally drawn animation, made during Paris Animation Summer Intensive 2019.
  • Star Chaser and Star Boy, rod and stick style puppets. Fabric, polyfill, fishing line, with wood and metal rods. approx 20" x 24" and 22" 1/2 x 6 "1/2.  2019.
  • March of the Long Coat Ladies Crankie, assorted wood, acrylic paint, paper and pens, approx 29" x 8" x 11" 1/2. 2019.
  • Make A Match, interactive four layer screen print with turning volvelles. Viewers mix and match six different contestants to make the perfect couple! Approx 20" x 18" 2019.
  • People in the Paper Woods, details photos of set made from paper mache, foam board, cut paper, acrylic paint and pens. Approx 25" x 12" x 19". 2019
  • Tiny Tent Shadow Puppet Theater, upper images shows the tent in the round, lower left shows participants watching a performance from inside the tent and lower right shows participants creating a shadow puppet show. The tent is made from two piece work blankets, made from assorted fabrics with a reed and rope inner frame and a stuffed fabric floor. For the performance I provided shadow puppets and a light source for viewers to be able to experience the tent by either viewing a show or creating one of their own. Approx 70" tall and 57" in diameter. 2019