Break The Shell; Turning Point

  • Break The Shell; Turning Point

    Year: November 2019 // Collaborative Project
    Medium: Motor, Wine glasses, Wire, Acrylic, Mirror, Foamboard, Fishing line, LED lighting, Food coloring

    Break the Shell; Turning Point is a project for the Artphil Competition in Korea. In society, one faces a sequence of changes and leads to ‘entropy’. Such transformation brings anxiety and it is inevitable. Precariously floating glasses move along a conveyor belt slowly yet constantly. Moving glasses face surrounding structures and break in the time of change. Anxiety, as the moment of inertia breaks, and another anxiety awaits with the sequence of changes. As an art director, I focused on visualizing our ideas into sculptural objects and on creating a presentation board and brochure using a design program. We won the Award of Grand Prix and Innovative Tech Prize and were given the opportunity to exhibit this work at Project Broom Gallery.
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