MICA Competitive Scholarships Portfolio 2019-2020

  • Fiona Maisel 

    MICA Competitive Scholarship Portfolio 2019- 2020
  • An Ideal Healing Environment 18+
    Performance Documentation
    Creating a sterile environment where my adult self now heals. People and pediatrics are in the colorful past. I desire more time, for I do not have enough experience to fill this white void. 
  • Chronically Cyborg
    Digital Photography, Text
    My cyborg perspective is destructed by a human gaze.
  • The Importance of Selfishness. 
    Prints on Paper, Mirror, Video Animation, Audio.
    November 2019
    I am obsessed with myself to a cellular degree, and need to be in order to survive. 
  • Three Year Pattern 
    India Ink, Charcoal, Bed Sheet 
    Contained to the bed sheets, limited mobility is discomforting. 

  • h1n1. You are no longer in the lead. 
    Wood, Running Tags, Mobility Device.
    Accepting my metamorphosis. I am no longer in the lead. I am no longer in the race. 
  • Healing Instructions: Read Carefully
    Digital Animation
    1 minute 30 seconds
    Composing a score of healing instructions that need to be followed rigorously in order to heal. Read carefully and follow along or you will not get better.