MICA Competitive Scholarships 2020

  • Tichacoco
  • In Diaspora,
    Out of Body, In My Body,
    Leather, naturally dyed silk organza (indigo, logwood, brazilwood, myrobalan), TC2 weaving, ostrich feathers, small golden clasps, and monofilament line
  • Vessel
    Mx dyed, laser cut muslin, wood, and silk organza
  • How I Grow
    3, 5' naturally dyed cotton muslin fabric,  cut into strips and sewed back together, dyed with brazilwood, tumeric, indigo, logwood, and painted with soda ash and citric acid paste. Accompanied by poem ( 3 out 8 pages shown.)
  • Cow
    Double weft weaving on Jacquard TC2 loom
  • Espuma
    Creative direction and photography by Caroline Xia 
    Featuring Darian Murray and Samantha Vassor
    Recycled synthetic fabrics, painted silk organza, and woven blanket from El Salvador