Isabel Oliva Competitive Scholarship 2020

  • Digitally woven Garment, 2019 exploring the translation of marks made on paper into woven textiles

    Woven on a TC2 Jacquard loom, hand dyed yarn
  • Digitally woven garment, 2019 , inspired by a weaving I made "Creator and Creator reunited" depicting the divine serpent being reunited with earth.

    Woven on a TC2 Jacquard loom, hand dyed yarn , garment patterns were patterned out on the TC2 jacquard loom
  • Detail of the back the garment, depicting more areas of the illustration.
  • "Creator and Creator reunited" 2019 digitally woven textile based on a series of creation paintings

    woven on TC2 jacquard loom with hand dyed wool yarn.

  • Detail of  ''Creator and Creator reunited '' 
  • ''Labios Partidos" digitally woven textile 2019, exploring what is "feminine" and what is "powerful"
  • "Dragon de corazones" 2019, graphite, lipstick, foundation, acrylic paint, marker, and ink on paper
  • "Corazon en el aire" 2019, digitally printed garment on Linen, paired with a hand dyed faux fur skirt. Inspired by a series of creation paintings I have been working on.
  • "' Familiar Faces'' 2019 , graphite, lipstick, marker, ink, watercolor and acrylic paint on paper
  • Digitally printed, open yardage on silk charmeuse, 2019 exploring my own versions of lip print designs on fabric,