MICA Competitive Scholarship 2019-2020

  • Hand Lettering


    Personal Projects 
  • Our Story 

    5"x7", 92 pages

    This project’s was to design a book with content from a self-conducted interview along with two other artists on what it was like growing up with different cultures other than Korean. Long-stitch bookbinding technique was used to bring the piece together.
  • barcs


    Rebranding of an existing non-profit organization. My organization was barcs, which operates in Maryland as largest animal shelter and pet adoption center. Our job was to give a new brand identity and also to redesign their logo, website, and its mobile version.
  • John's Tea

    2.4"x 4"x1.1"

    Designing a tea brand targeting a specific audience chosen randomly, and my designated group was male florists. I wanted to design a brand that would break the typical stereotype of femininity that was set in both tea and florists.
  • t+c=r


    Exhibition branding based on a TED talk topic, “How Airbnb designs for Trust” by Joe Gebbia. In the talk, Gebbia talks about how the idea of “trust” can be designed and how good design can help people overcome a deeply rooted bias (stranger danger). My concluding theme of this branding became “trust + communication = relationship”.

    The logo was created combining ‘t’ from trust and ‘c’ from communication and overlapped to create ‘r’ for relationship. The basic color combination was used to further pursue the main idea of this exhibition.
  • C4D Character Modeling - Wonni Monkey


    Personal Practice