2020 Competitive Scholarship

  • Fall 2019 Portfolio
    Heather Park
  • Package Design_Dried fruits paired with three different wines (2019)

    Digital print & laser cutter

  • Typography Book Design_Whitney (2019)

    Digital print and book binding

  • Share Graphic and Poster Design (2019)

    Digital print on poster paper

  • Book Signing Event Poster Design (2019)

    Digital print on poster paper

  • Menu Design (2019)

    Digital print on matte cardstock paper & opalux vellum paper

  • 'MiuMiu' Brand Accordion Book (2019)

    Digital print

  • Flower Party_Interactive Art (2019)

    A full on experience of a flower party with all of your senses:
    smell, sound, sight, and touch

    Digital video, projector, artificial & actual flower, sound, fragrance

  • Crayons Design_Holiday Package (2019)

    These crayons are designed for people with fine motor control issues, and anyone can break the crayon to make it fit their hand size. 

    Vacuum forming machine, 3d print, laser cut

  • Desk Organizer Design_Kissing Man (2019)

    CAD, CNC, laser cutter, lathe, milling machine, 3d print, spray paint

  • Fall 2019 Portfolio_Heather Park