Competitive Scholarship 19'-20'

  • Competitive Scholarship 2019'-20'
    by Yan Wang
  • 1. Intimacy (8 spreads in total)
    Risograph zine, 2019

    Digitally drawn and riso printed self-bind zine. I created a narrative around sensual relationship, communicating the contrasty and coexisting nature of intimate physical relationship and distanced emotional bond. 
    The whole zine contains 8 spreads and I'm putting 4 out of them here. 

  • 2. Rope Salon
    4-Layer Silkscreen Print, 2019

    Attempting to design this image based on a 40s Chinese advertisement aesthetic, I took reference on a "Rope Salon" advertisement on Baltimore's local paper and did this print. 

  • 3. Yan's Door Nob
    Flag Book with Digital Printed Images and Monotypes, 2019

    A book I made and bind dedicating to two old family photographs from 2000 and 2005. The blurry texture of tracing monotype speaks to the nature of memory that I wanna convey, and so does the intertwining quality of flag book binding. 

  • 4. New Year Walk
    Etching on Copper with Rosin Aquatint, 2019

    An etching recalling the lunar New Year tradition in my hometown. When I was little and went back to stay with my grandparents in the village in Anhui, we follow each other with the torch light to visit other families around on the first new year day. 

  • 5. Egg Hunt
    Etching on Copper with Rosin Aquatint, 2019

    Based on the same theme of unique childhood memories, this is a print about one of my favorite childhood game back in my hometown in Anhui. 

  • 6. All of God's Children Dance + Cannibal Coast
    Laser-cut with transparent film overlay on top, 2019

    One project I did for my Design for Music class. I designed this based on Murakami Haruki's literature All of God's Children Dance and HIGH's song Cannibal Coast, because they share a common expression on nature and how human's life flow with it. The pattern/shape of the laser cut on wood is arranged based on the repetitive musical verses in the song (the white circles are put based on the bass tempo), and the typography layout is based on the content of the article. 3 panels in a series, can be put together vertically without gaps between them.  

  • 7. Reflection of A Spontaneous Performance
    Letterpress indentation on Aluminum foil, 2019

    I always find the "kiss indentation" of lead type letterpress attractive because of the subtleness and lightness. In this work I worked with heavy-duty aluminum sheet, with is very fragile and is able to keep physical contacts into its form, and printed a poem I wrote onto it. I used crown binding for this book, which the pages can be separated from the spine and open as one long accordion. 

    Reflection on a spontaneous performance

    The rope asks for moaning 
    and groaning yet it has bind
    the tongue;
    The rope stamps the skin blushing.

    Obedience is another word for lust 
    and for pleasure and for shame 
    and for to be blamed.
    The ink drips and stops dancing.

    The bamboo howling to its empty 
    torso and roots cut off,
    to its perplexed conservative 
    shell that is coming to split.

    So it howled without sound 
    and turned its face around;
    So it cracked without limbs 
    and echoed to the hymn.

  • 8. Crowd
    3-Layer silkscreen with letterpress, 2019

    A book I used crown binding to put together. The silkscreen images represent different subjects in their own clusters, and each spread has one line of a writing I did about the crowd. Three editions in total. 

  • Thanks for reviewing my portfolio! ;)