MICA Competitive Scholarships 2020

  • MICA Competitive Scholarship 2020

    Julie Seoyoung Park
    Graphic Design Major
    Class of 2021
  • Cafe Paris
    Package Design, Typography

    The goal of this project was to design typographic packaging for Cafe Paris Coffee Roasters. 
    Typography is the primary medium used in this packaging design, and the classic European design system visually attracts the audience.

  • Mystery Mansion 
    Editorial Design, Typography
    Mystery Mansion is a magazine that contains interesting mysterious stories.
    The zine was printed on a risograph printer.

  • Fashion Infographic 
    The book FASHION is an infographic that discusses the various areas of fashion, including the history of fashion. 
    The infographic was designed with an understanding of typography, grid and layout design with iconic illustrations and visual elements.
    The book is divided into five chapters: History of Fashion, Fashion Vocabulary, Personal Preference, Fashion Industry, and Iconic Fashion Logos.

  • Studio 21 
    Branding for Studio 21. 
    In the competitive industry of design, Studio 21 is a multi-disciplinary studio. 
    It focuses on designing logos, identity, websites, packages, or products for different brands and start-ups. 

  • Sound Animation
    Motion graphics 
    I designed a motion graphics based on audio of a music track “Go-Go A-Go-Go” by Munnycat. 
    The goal of the project was to visualize beats and rhythms with abstract, free-form graphic elements with my own interpretation of the track.

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