Ink kittens 2020

  • Ink Kittens
    Let's "Brush away" some bad luck in Rat year.
    Kittens, kittens, bring us good health and good fortune!

    I'm not sure if my upcoming solo cat art show will still open in California 2020 because of corona virus outbreak, but I want to continue painting a lot of Cats for good fortune and good vibes. Art is keeping me happy and alive! May I use this opportunity to wish everyone good health and good fortune during these hard times.​​​​​​​
  • Below: large scale cat painting, ink on rice paper, 2020
  • ArtTitle: "Mutations"
    "Mutation" is an art series inspired by protection symbols/icons that cast away bad luck.
  • Kitten mutation #2, 2020
  • Kitten mutation #6, 2020
  • Kitten mutation #7, 2020
  • Kitten mutation #5, 2020
  • Medium: sumi-e ink on rice paper​​​​​​​
    Cat Artist: Anita Yan Wong
  • Below: large scale cat painting, ink on rice paper 2020
  • I have always included big cats in my works but I have seriously started incorporated house cats into my art creation during 2018 when I met the neighborhood cat “Tux”. He appeared one day during my walk and started taking a walk with me every day. I am inspired by Tux every time I see him – his cool black shiny coat and his moves inspired my ink painting series – “Jumping kittens” and it later evolved into my current ink painting series– “ink kittens”. I use only black sum-e ink and two calligraphy brushes to paint my black furry friend – Tux. I feel cat brings energy into my projects, movement into my brush works and calmness into my life.

    Below: "Yellow cat", "Red cat", "Blue cat", color ink on rice paper 2020
  • Meow Meow I'm the famous cat that inspired "ink kitten" paintings! My name is Tux
  • "Cats Rock" art book, felines in contemporary art and pop culture features Cat artist Anita Yan Wong
  • Kitten 1.,ink on rice paper, 2020
  • Come check out more ink kitten paintings by artist Anita Yan Wong this June 2020! Cheers!