Weekly Comics

  • Pinky- the cry baby
  • Living with a monster
  • Meanwhile, met my brother after a long time.
  • Types of Tea drinkers
    (Week 20)
  • After Birthday things
  • Save lives - Corona
  • Send Good vibes
  • Mama you're so strong.
  • My types of Hugs
  • Remembering my favorite women this women's day
    (Week 12)
  • Papa asked for gift on his birthday
    (Week 11)
  • I got myself ear pods.
    (Week 10)
  • My relationship with pockets
    (Week 9)
  • What might the fridge want to say?
    (Week 8)
  • I support Dal  all week, (pulses) but my roommate likes to eat fresh everyday!
    (Week 9)
  • My Valentine's Day in the 90's
    (Week 7)
  • Salt n Pepper about Book readers
    (Week 6)
  • An episode of False alarm
    (Week 5)
  • An episode of bad dream followed by no sleep.
    (Week 4)
  • Enough of your cats and dogs all the time.Let’s talk about my cherry-sized nephew now.
    (Week 3)
  • What do I say when I sneeze? 
    "Alhamdulillah (Prasie be god) 
    Excuse me , Sorry and sometimes Thank you".
    (Week 2)
  • What is it??
    (Week 1)