There's Mushroom for Combat

  • There's Mushroom for Combat
    Mycelium, around 3" x 2", Fall 2019. 

    Having the opportunity to work with biomaterials in class, I immediately wanted to create something that highlights the possibilities of using natural materials for everyday materials, reducing or replacing environmentally harmful practices such as leather-making. 
    Mycelium is the root structure of mushrooms. For this project, I experimented with many different tests on growing mycelium leather, totaling over a month to get to the final result (which still requires more research). 

    The desire to create a boot spawned solely around the idea of lacing puns into it. It is a combat boot since we need to combat, or fight for a more sustainable future, and exploring natural materials like mycelium is just baby steps​​​​​​​

  • Additionally, I've been working on a process booklet on how I tackled this experiment, with all my procedures, thoughts, and concerns. Doing so will allow future students of this class to pick up where I left off, try what I tried, or get inspired to experiment something else and share it with others! Making use of sustainable materials should not be a secretive act (to limit competition) when the planet urgently needs these new solutions. 
    I hope we can soon successfully adapt to using natural materials as a norm.

    Thank you for viewing! :)