Pari Delicto

  • Print Size: 28" x 37"
    Three Versions : Fifty Three Iterations

    The Knorr chicken package has been a frequent cast member since first appearing in 2012’s Monkey Three, I had decided Pari Delicto would be it's last appearance before retirement. 

    A horizontal split was placed in the middle of the plate (it appears in every version), over time the top become populated with the "Chickorn Feed” graphic and the bottom with the Knorr chicken. This procession is interesting to watch chronologically within the series.

    I wanted to recreate spaces found in Ballerina Twinkies (singles and Doubles) this seemed logical considering the compartmentalization found in this piece. Although the series has interesting moments it was abandoned one third of the way through development.

    The images below are arranged start to finish.

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