Noah Apparel Design

  • Noah Sustainable Apparel
  • Noah is an American men’s clothing based in Soho, New York City. The brand merges skate, surf, and music cultures in reference to classic menswear.
    As a brand, Noah seeks to take a stand against many of the appalling practices of the fashion industry.
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  • Brand Research
  • My first task was to research Noah and identify imagery and themes to base my design off of.
    In addition to their store, their website has a blog which features articles about sustainability as it pertains to the fashion industry and their relationship to both.
    I used these blog posts to inform the topics I covered in my apparel collection.
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  • First Drafts
  • I took four topics Noah discusses in their blog posts: durability, pollution, transparency, and waste and used those topics as jumping off points for design ideas.
  • original pencil sketch with digital first draft
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  • Final Designs
  • Seabird broaches the subject of packaging waste and pollution with the strong image of a bird with a bag over its head. On the front, there is a bird-themed jolly roger. $50

    Used Goods celebrates the material the shirt is made of: 100% pre and postconsumer textile waste. It features a screenprinted abstract textile pattern and the phrase “Used Goods.” $75

    Total Cost focuses on transparency by labelling the costs of each aspect of production, from fabric to freight in screenprint. $350

    Wear Me Out is a shirt with a challenge—wear this shirt out, wear the wearer out, and flaunt this shirt in public. The text is embroidery and screenprint. $125
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