Church of Trash - Branding & Illustration

  • The Church of Trash is a branding project for an imaginary museum celebrating John Waters’ work. The museum inhabits the Bell Foundry building in Baltimore, as the self-proclaimed pope of trash is a proud Baltimorean.
  • ​​​​​​​The identity was inspired by Waters’ clashing aesthetic including multiple vibrant colors sampled from some of his films as well as unusual typefaces. The museum's mark is set in Juniper STD and the exhibition mark in Salvaje. 

    As part of the nod to the museum's name, the identity includes illustrations in the style of stained-glass windows of Waters as well as some of his closer collaborators; Divine and Mary Vivian Pearce.
  • A separate collection of merchandise was inspired by the film "Pink Flamingos". A curious fact about the movie is that during the screening some theaters would offer "barf bags" due to the nature of the film.
  • A separate sub-branding was developed for a temporary exhibition inspired by Waters’ fashion throughout the years called "Undress the Pope".
    Visitors could take a paper doll of Waters to dress and photograph throughout the city.
  • Finally, a simple website was designed to contain all of the brand elements, commandments, and the museum's store.