Sisyphus Happy

  • Sisyphus Happy

    One must imagine Sisyphus Happy - Albert Camus.

    Sisyphus Happy is a series of surreal wordless comics under the theme absurdism, printed in Riso. Life is mundane, things happens mechanized day by day. Just like Sisyphus, repeating forever the meaningless tasks of pushing the boulder up to the hill, only to see it roll down again. We can’t help asking what is the meaning of life? But never get the answer from the unreasonable silent world. The essence of life and world is meaningless, thus, give us an opportunity to meaning our life by finding fun and sparkling moments and choose to be happy.

  • Riso Color: Red / Yellow / Mint / Orange / Florescent Orange / Florescent Pink / Green / Blue / Black / Purple 

    Paper: Mohawk 80lb Cover / Egg Shell / White

    Size: Letter Size.

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