• Puppy in the Zoo
    illustration:eve liu
    poetry:rynn l

    The pup working at the zoo
    puts on his uniform in the morning
    to avoid
    ticket payingUnlocking every gate
    bringing pandas out to play
    one bunch after another
    he tightens grass for the elephantsLions feed on meat
    hippos munch on grass
    pet pigeons quietly steal bread
    in fear of waking the ostriches that snoreThe pup working at the zoo
    wishes for conversations
    but the giraffes are mute
    and the crocodiles too full
    blowing bubbles in the poolCapybaras wearing their poker faces
    forming a line
    taking turns in the bucket for a bath
    the pup hikes up a mountain out of boredom
    with no luck
    monkeys stole his watch from himPenguins in suits are busy with photos
    Seals angrily throwing balls at the pup
    making him go "oh no""Talk to me"
    said the pup to the polar bear
    the bear looks back
    "but my mom told me to never speak
    to animals from the south"Only the tiger talks to the pup
    he says
    "don't be a bother!"
    too bad, he had a temperIt's time to rest
    the pup puts down his broom
    he sits on a rock and had a thought
    aren't we all animals
    why am I the one working
    while they are in cages loungingThen the pup thinks again
    that this isn't right
    why should I have to work
    I'm nothing more than
    a puppy after all