Korea 8090 Museum

  • Korea 8090 Museum
  • Korea 8090 Museum is a branding project for an imaginary museum under the guidance of Minsun Eo and Clay Kippen. This museum is located in Koreatown in Los Angeles, and it gives a chance to explore the ’80s and ’90s of Korea through iconic objects that are no longer in use. It is suitable for all generations and the whole family, especially immigrant families. People in their twenties and thirties(millennials) and parents’ generation can take a nostalgic trip back, and the younger generation can appreciate the cultural landscape of ‘80s and ‘90s. Of course, anyone who is interested in the Korean ‘80s and ‘90s culture is welcome as well.
  • DATE May 2020
    CATEGORY Museum Branding
    ADVISOR Minsun Eo, Clay Kippen