• To start, here's all of the pieces in my annual OFFLINE UNLIMITED fan art Series. You can see the evolution of my style and depiction of OfflineTV as characters from 2018 to now.

    All of my Fan Art from over the years can be found here: 

    As for merch, please enjoy the winning designs and mock-ups from the Fedmyster Merch Competition. My objective was not only to fit in the brand he already has, and that people recognize, but elevate it even further.

  • Feel free to view the full project here: https://imgur.com/a/7wIsk61

    Finally, for one of my most recent projects, please enjoy the winning OfflineTV Animation, Which I animated and edited featuring a fresh voiceover from Lilypichu.
  • I'm aware that all of my material is OfflineTV and Fedmyster related and I'm using these in my portfolio to present my skill set with material you're very familiar with, that's all. I believe my more sharp and dynamic style would provide an enjoyable variation to the Pokimane theme the fanbase loves. I enjoy your content, and could not pass the opportunity to get more involved in the community that I love with another professional endeavor. Once again, thank you for viewing my work and the opportunity! Please enjoy the sketches and ideas uploaded as well.