Fresh & Fertile

  • Fresh & Fertile is a satirical packaging concept for a range of juices playing off what is considered a marriageable age and other ideal standards that are set for a young woman.

    In India, parents arrange for marriage-ready sons and daughters to meet with prospective matches after a wide search by both the girl’s and the boy’s families usually within the same communities. This system is known as an arranged marriage. With the internet, this has led to the rise of matchmaking websites such as and There is constant pressure on young women to get married at the right age because otherwise, it will be too late to find a good suitor.

    This packaging concept raises the question: What is the shelf life of a young Indian woman?

    Project Mentor: Ellen Lupton
    Maryland Institute College of Art, 2019

  • The flavours and their descriptions are inspired by the requirements for suitable brides one would find on these matchmaking sites.
  • The visual language was derived from packaging labels of Indian spices and medicine bottles, that are old but still found lying around in each household.
  • All flavours are inspired by actual requirements from people looking for prospective partners for themselves or for their sons.
  • These are available in all socially acceptable shapes and sizes.