Luna: Music Videos

  • Luna is the first of "The Zia Fantasy" trilogy EPs by the Brooklyn alternative/shoegaze band Minaxi. The trilogy follows a narrative through love, heartbreak, chaos, insanity, soul-searching and the rebirth of the self that follows. Here are the music videos for Theresa, It's Got Me and Naina, three of the four tracks from the EP. 
  • In the typical Minaxi style, these videos do not follow a linear narrative. Instead, they're to be looked at as a series of sequences that collectively convey several emotions ranging from beauty, melancholia, joy, restlessness, anger and relief. 
  • Stream "The Zia Fantasy / Luna" via SoundCloud, Apple Music and Spotify below. Make sure to follow Minaxi on the streaming platforms.
    Filmed, Edited and Directed by Shrenik Ganatra
    Featuring Reese Siedlecki, Liam Christian and Harshana Ganatra
    Album Art Concept and Design by Shrenik Ganatra

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