Ballerina Twinkies ~ Singles

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  • “Ballerina Twinkies (Singles)” had large portions lifted from an earlier work entitled “Moon, Man, Monkey” and used as a starting point. The exploration of unfolded candy packages used as “skins” or containers became a core focus for the duration of the “Singles”. Pencil work became important it is used as a wedge in areas to keep them from closing down to early and as a balance to the crisp edges of the graphic elements of the logo.

    The image set consisted of an Ingres portrait (selected for it’s large untouched paper surface); an older Twinkie package (selected for it’s predominately yellow packaging); Bazooka Bubble gum packaging (from the 70’s selected for it’s connection to earlier work which featured the contemporary packaging); several deKoonings, and a failed earlier version which featured an astronaut suit (from the Apollo missions); and a Washington portrait.

    In the late stages of the series I started to view the packaging as a character of sorts. The sash reinforced a military or governmental persona. This was the reason that the “Doubles” exists, I wanted to see if the side by side “marching” would reinforce this. It did help draw attention to the distinct personalities that each container had, although it did not necessarily solidified the military persona.

    The Washington portrait (lifted from “Bazooka Napoleon”) has been a frequent visitor in my works lately. His appearance was not expected but served as a balance for the Ingres portrait on the top. I like the connection, it’s very loaded. I have always though those old colonial portraits made every man look like someone’s grandmother. Eventually the portrait was omitted because it had become the focus, which was not the case. Certainly the star is the “Bazooka” logo, with the Twinkie box as the supporting lead.

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