Monkey Bazooka

  • Six Versions : Eighty Nine Iterations
    The central idea for this series was this, combine two image elements from other works and combine
    them here as features. Both the 2011 Bazooka packaging and the 1980 “Red Monkey” Chinese stamp.

    The Monkey Bazooka series was long; it was like a boxing match with each new incarnation struggling   to justify its right to exist while previous versions elements continued to malinger. These integration
    conflicts would become skirmishes over visual territories. These conflicts are the building blocks for all
    of the visual relationships through out the entire Rauschenberg Jr. series.

    Conceptually the works produced as Rauschenberg Jr. focus on image acquisitions, visual
    property rights, reconstitution and transmutation of image sets. For example the use of the Bazooka
    packaging is not different then deKooning’s drawing (if you look you can still see the signature under
    the monkey from  Version Four - Iteration Thirteen onwards). The integration of such recognizable
    artist asks a simple question. When does the individual artist right to uniqueness expire, or at least
    diminish enough for reconstitution

      --------------------------------------------------  BAZOOKA SERIES  --------------------------------------------------  
    Part One - Monkey Bazooka   |   Part Two - Meta Miro 
  • Version Four Iteration Seven

  • Version Five - Iteration Eight

  • Version Five - Iteration Thirteen

  • Version Six - Iteration Twenty One

  • Version Six - Iteration Eleven