• Nine Versions : Two Hundred Thirty One Iterations
  • Octo’s image set was purposefully missing figurative references. This series also employs a vertical format something that isn’t commonly used. The bottom half was constructed as a single image for a while changing the format to a square. The equestrian subject was influenced by Hunt Valley which is only fifteen minutes away.

    The Sweet and Low packet was selected for the pink background and the ribbon logo. The logo’s graphics became an important part of how the bottom half of the image is handled. Midway through the images development it was decided that the horse should be explored independently. Over forty iterations of this idea were created before returning to the larger image.

    During the later phases of the integration the saddle image was introduced. This device simplified the integration of the already completed horses since the top half simply mimicked the bottoms visual language. These later phase integrations are when all of web images come from.

      --------------------------------------------------  COLLECTION DÉCORATIVE  --------------------------------------------------  
    Knorr Ballerina    |     Phoenix 341      |    Monkey Three    |    Octo 
  • Version Seven Iteration Ten

  • Version Eight Iteration Forty Two

  • Version Eight Iteration Eighteen

  • Version Eight Iteration Nine

  • Version Six Iteration Six