The Conclusion

    Napoleon JFK & The Monkey Series
    Series Conculsions Selections From The End Of The Series
    Twelve Versions : Two Hundred Eighty Five Iterations

  • I had been ignoring the works total health during my focus on the portrait. That’s not to say the image evolution was restricted, because it wasn’t. However, when I concentrat on one area so intently, I use a sort of short hand to represent what I want to do elsewhere. This allows me to keep things moving but lacks refinement. With the portrait no longer as active I started to focus on the remainder of the piece addressing the other topic I originally set out to explore, the packaging.

    The package shape was not very prevalent (frontal) during the early Napoleon phase, although the idea of the top and bottom tabs being viewed as headstones lead to the idea of military ribbons (the small colored tabs worn above the front left breast). Neither of these was followed up on. It did lead to the return of the red and white “marching ants” or “ticking” into this series. I wasn’t so excited to see them appear since they were part of a previous vocabulary. They did resolve some of the interior issues quite well.

    The King Edward packaging outline is present in every version found in the series. Its presence seems the strongest when the form of the packaging is clearly defined; the interior relationships seem amplified and cohesive. I eventually went with solid colors blocking as the background for the packaging using the blockings color to help solidify certain relations.
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  • Version Nine (Recombined 3) : Iteration Eight
  • Version Ten (ReCombined Four) : Iteration Twenty Six
  • Version Eleven (ReCombined Five) : Iteration Eight
  • Version Eleven (ReConbined Five) : Iteration Twenty Two
  • Version Twelve (ReCombined Six) : Iteration Eighteen 
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