The Napoleons

    Napoleon JFK & The Monkey Series
    Series Total - Twelve Versions : Two Hundred Eighty Five Iterations

  • The image set of this piece started with King Edward Cigar (box packaging), Milk Duds (box packaging), an etching of Napoleon (as emperor), with various deKoonings and Debienkorns used as tempo inspirations. Originally the King Edward packaging was used to define two fields creating a diptych. This is a new focuses, using box packaging as “skins” or “containers” for the broader visual vocabulary. Over the course of the series I began to see the top tabs (of the packaging) as headstones. This seemed appropriate considering the historical portraits which were focused on. 
    Intermittently during the series the Napoleon and JFK portraits would transpose, one usurping the other only to be replaced again and again. This is similar to what happened during the “Pin-Up deKooning” series; however the character dualism of that piece related to the nudity (issue). However this is not the case with “Napoleon JFK & Monkey”. The portraits are exchanged when their presence becomes restrictive or unwelcome.
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  • Version One : Iteration Eight
  • Version One : Iteration Sixteen
  • Version Two : Iteration Twenty Four
  • Verion Four : Iteration Nine
  • Version Four : Iteration Nine
    (Final Appearance)