Two Frontiers : Act Three ~ Then Came The Monkey

  • Print Size: 21" x 37"
    Production Dates 1-14-14 / 2-10-14
    The third act of ‘Two Frontiers “focusses on the integration of the monkey.  An unrefined version of the image can be seen throughout the series at various times and to assist me while I was developing other areas of the piece. This piecemeal approach became the story behind the various acts of the series with act one being about the cowboys, act two the horses and act three the monkey. The sequence of topics in the acts has no particular importance however it has started to build interesting narrative.
    The nature of presenting a series from beginning to end has an empowering effect favoring the viewer and the work. Questions surrounding the origins of certain passages within the works become self-evident. The monkey has appeared in several works. It is a transforming image, representing the year of my birth (in the Chinese zodiac), the struggle of the natural world, the potential to evolve and an ancient connection with our long forgotten past.
    Over December I worked a piece called Mao Santa that was a total failure. The final piece was to frequently incorrectly perceive by viewers. It makes an appearance here to the right of the monkey image. I have always believed that there is always a way to make something work. 
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  • Version 3 - 2A  :   Iteration Seven
  • Version 3 - 2A  :   Iteration Four
  • Version 3 - 2A  :   Iteration Five
  • Version 3 - 2A  :   Iteration Fourteen
  • Version 3 - 2A  :   Iteration Nineteen
  • Version 3 - 2A  :   Iteration Twenty Four
  • Version 3 - 2A  :   Iteration Twenty Five
  • Version 3 - 2A3 (Alternate)  :   Iteration Two
  • Version 3 - 3C (Alternate)  :   Iteration One
  • Version  (Alternate)  :   Iteration One