Meta Miro

  • Four Versions : One Hundred Ninety Two Iterations
    The title “Meta Miro” came first. I usually select image sets to work with before starting an image, although I have no idea of they (the images) will interact with each other. I had just finished the Napoleon Monkey recombination (for the second time) and was anxious start a new project from the ground up.

    I had pre-selected an image set to work with included; 3D spine renderings (a frequent image in earlier works), Mr. Sparkle (artwork from a package of fireworks), Jujubes (packaging) and a salacious image from the thirties. I labored to make this combination work images however by iteration eighty seven I abandon everything but Mr. Sparkle and introduce the Bazooka packaging as the primary focus.

    My work as Rauschenberg Jr. has prompted a good amount of questions. The most common “What’s the gum stand for?”. Humm.. “Art is a lot like gum don’t you think? While viewing or chewing it’s great. After a while it starts to loose its punch. When you’re not in front of it or chewing it all you have is the memory of the experience and a desire to do it again.” Well, only partially. Then again it could be “Alright people lets all try to keep up, we do have a lot to get through here”.

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    Part One - Monkey Bazooka   |   Part Two - Meta Miro 
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  • Version Four Iteration Forty Eight
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