Four Poor Series ~ Overview

  • Print Size: 24" x 36"
    Five Versions : One Hundred Fourty Two Iterations
    This gallery is intended as an overview for the Four Poor series. The concept of the piece was to create an American landscape, specifically the edges of development most clearly seen at the juncture were one landscape takes over another (i.e. urban to suburban to rural). 
  • Generation Two
    Twenty Eight Iterations
    Originally the landscape was pursued as a horizontal piece (Four Poor - Landscape), although it became apparent that this format was too restrictive for the image set so it was decided to rotate the piece to vertical. The Four Poor - Banner series starts at this point. The image took some time to evolve into something independent from its pre-existing state, but by the end of Generation Two a new direction had been established.
    Generation Three
    After the structure of the works was established, it became apparent that the Bazooka branding/logo needed to be addressed. During the process of determining how the logo was going to be handled nothing else was worked on. Generation Three yielded some interesting results like the use of bold ink, gold leaf lettering and a synthetic cubist spacing.
    In Generation Four iterations a strategic decision was made to remove large painted areas and replace them with empty intaglio plates. The removal of the solids at the bottom and sides presented an opportunity to reinforce the (counter top) Bazooka package, creating channels which function as roadways in the landscape.
    Generation Five
    Although the work was progressing during Generation Five, it needed a “free radical” to accelerate the image evolution and force it into an un-forecasted direction.  I decided to add large black brushwork at the top of the image to change the scene of scale. Subsequently the entire tempo of the work was altered. The altered top became intensely weighted and bordered on “decorative” art at times. Eventually the thick white impasto not the black brushwork was selected for its cement like presence.

  • Generation Six
    Seventeen Iterations
    In the series final, Generation Six, the last battles over territories would lead to a reduction of elements, altering the vertical dominance of the left and right channels in favor of a thirds approach (top, middle, and bottom).  Each works life span is determined by the amount of experience that can be extracted during its creation, not the pursuit of a final product state. Most of my works are simply abandoned after extracted everything worthy of perusing.