Ballerina Twinkies ~ Doubles

  • One Version : Eleven  Iterations
  • The original version failed to deliver on several important levels and required serious retooling. I decided to continue the exploration of unfolded candy packages as “skins” or containers, into the new piece. This became a core focus for the reinvented “Twinkie Ballerina”.

    The image set consisted of an Ingres portrait (selected for it’s large untouched paper surface); an older Twinkie package (selected for it’s predominately yellow packaging); Bazooka Bubble gum packaging (from the 70’s selected for it’s connection to earlier work which featured the contemporary packaging); several deKoonings, and a failed earlier version which featured an astronaut suit (from the Apollo missions); and a Washington portrait (this time derived from an etching).

    The “Doubles” are fabricated from the "Singles”. The earlier generation which focused on one “skin” (the outline of an unfolded box package).

      --------------------------------------------------  BALLERINA TWINKIE COLLECTION  --------------------------------------------------  
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  • Recombined Version One Iteration Seven

  • Recombined Version One Iteration Two

  • Recombined Version One Iteration Three

  • Recombined Version One Iteration Six

  • Recombined Version One Iteration Eleven